Monday, October 20, 2008

Economy prompts increased Library Use!

The full story is here:
Library use rises as economy falls

in part,

Haverhill assistant library director Susan Katzenstein said the city's public library is usually "an incredibly busy place." But nowadays, "our usage is through the roof."

The Haverhill library is not alone. Across the region, local public libraries are reporting a surge in use, a trend officials tie directly to the economic hardship many are facing.

"People don't have as much disposable income, so the library provides an easier resource for books," [NOBLE executive director Ronald Gagnon] said, noting other materials, such as DVDs and CDs, that libraries offer. "It just flies in the face of people who say, 'Who needs libraries anymore?' "

... some librarians express concerns about their ability to accommodate growing numbers of patrons as their own budgets become tighter.

"We hope people realize that in tough times, it's important to keep the library service going so people have a place to come," [library director Deborah] Abraham said.

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