Friday, October 17, 2008

Blackmore's Night 'Secret Voyage'

Ok, so I'm not searching for jobs all the time. I needed a break, and heard that Blackmore's Night had a new album out. So when I opened my email and found a 40% off all CDs coupon from Borders Rewards, I thought it would be a good diversion.

Frankly, it is their best album yet. The group is maturing, and has added some interesting orchestration to their music. It's not just the 'renaissance folk rock' sound. Oh, that's still there, the recorders, the flute, the acoustic and electric guitar of Ritchie Blackmore, the vocals of Candice Night, the period instruments. and the usual moderinizing of traditional renaissance dance tunes. But they've added an interesting and needed dimension to the music with this album (which is also available on vinyl, by the way!).

(Interesting note: the opening tune, "God save the keg", was used as the Bridal March for Candice when she and Ritchie married earlier this month.)

If you've not heard them yet, or have heard them but just not in a while, I recommend this album.

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