Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Seriously, they are doing a build here in town. I just came back from the build site, and while I didn't see any of the 'cast' from the show, there is a LOT of activity and the house has gone from a cleared lot to being roofed in two days!

I tried to get on the volunteer list, but by the time I found out about the project, the list had filled. It was that quick.

The "Move that Bus" moment will be Friday afternoon. It is a very deserving family. The dad has brain cancer, and went into the hospital the DAY BEFORE Ty woke the family up. They have four adopted special needs children from China, and two of their own. The house will be over 3,000 square feet, and so far looks amazing.

I hear that the best time to actually see Ty and crew in action will be Thursday, so we will go over again that afternoon.

All for now

"The Director"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Interview update

The first interview was interesting, and it sounds like an interesting, rewarding position, working with 16 year olds who have about a 12 year old developmental level, in a classroom setting. It's a temporary job, but only about 20 minutes from the house.

The principal will let the 'winning candidate' know tomorrow, as she needs someone in place immediately.

The prison position was less so.
1) it was 40 miles from the house
2) the interviewer looked at me and said "You do know this is a minimum wage position, don't you?"

hum. 40 miles one way for a minimum wage job? All I earn will be gas money.

They did tell me that another prison in another city was looking for a librarian. The question: do I want to work in a prison library?

Still thinking that one over.

"the Director"

edit: no responses from either position. :-(