Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nightmare of Eden

I have just found the giant serpent in the garden of Directorship Eden:


More specifically, State Aid and E-Rate paperwork.

Dealilng with the budget was a breeze compared to this!

I was just minding my business last week when a rep from our multi-county consortium stopped by and said "Oh, by the way, here is the packet of material you have to have filled out by October 1 to make sure you get State Aid this year", and pulls out this packet of information that made her briefcase look like an inter-dimensional TARDIS-sized case inside a little-bitty outside! "You need to sign here, and here, and here, and, oh, you need to fill in the local expenditures from Oct 1, 2006 to Sept 30, 2007."

Um, where am I going to get that? I've only been here since May 1!!! The files here are a mess, totally indecipherable. The Clerk's office says, "Hum! That's interesting. I don't know if we can provide that in the form you need." 8-O

Then there is the E-Rate. I have to go back through the files for the last e-rate year (which is different from the Fiscal Year) and provide the monthly figures for all our telecommunications: internet/DSL, long distance, local, and whatever else we had.

Due by -- you guessed it -- October 1.

in short -- YIKES!

"The Director"

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