Monday, September 15, 2008

The great adventure

Yeah, I know, that title is from Peter Pan, but anyway ....

The blog is taking a different heading, re-generating, if you will.

I've applied for several jobs for which I am qualified, but the drawback is that they are in different states. While that is not a problem for me (I can go pretty much anywhere right now), many times an institution will prefer to hire from close to home.

So I will be posting updates from time to time on how I am doing.

I'm mainly looking at academic libraries. I'm more used to the politics within there than I was to the politics in a rural county run by an 'old boy network'. But I have applied to a few higher paying county libraries, (NON-DIRECTOR POSITIONS, thank you very much) in slightly larger cities (don't want to go too urban!).

My wife says I should get a job at Books-A-Million (BAM) in the meantime, but I have three weeks of salary coming, and I said, "aw, come-on, let me enjoy freedom from the pressures that almost killed me these last five months!" She relented. I think what it is is the 'retirement syndrome' after YEARS of me being out of the house, all of a sudden, here I am! Underfoot.

still signing myself as

"The Director"


danceswithbooks said...

Best of luck on the new adventure.

the_never_fairy said...

the line from Peter Pan is "To die will be an awfully big adventure..."

For more Peter Pan in your life:

Kewl Librarian 2 said...

I'd defintely use the three weeks for job hunting and de-stressing. Glad you're getting the resume out there. I just moved quite a distance for a new job and while moving is always a challenge, it's also an adventure. Here's hoping it's a short hunt.

DirectorWho said...

hmmm, I guess I was thinking of Peter Pan's line at the end of "Hook":

"Oh, no, to live would be the greatest adventure"


libraryace said...

Best of luck, Director! You deserve a workplace that appreciates you.