Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time Out! ?

The question of the week:

How much time out of the Library is TOO MUCH for a Library Director?

This week has been a serious test of that question, as "the Director" has been scheduled this week for:

a seminar on "Managing Emotions under Pressure" (one of the best I've ever attended, by the way) on Monday,

a luncheon with the Kiwanis Club on Wednesday (not all day, just probably 2 hours at MOST),

A Library conference (or rather, UNconference) on Friday,


A consortium board meeting NEXT Monday afternoon in a neighboring county.

I came across a letter from a former director in "the files" defending (to the County Commission) her absences for conferences and workshops, and that has me a bit nervous. However, the situation is now a bit different as we have a County Coordinator standing between all Department Heads and the CC, and he has given the green light, so I think I'm ok. Key word: THINK

Any thoughts?

"The Director"

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