Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weed 'em and reap!

Good bumper sticker for a library shelving cart, eh?

Anyway we have undertaken an ambitious undertaking -- weeding and shifting the collection! What fun! What excitement! (or should that be a "?" instead of a "!"?)

An excellent site for the interested weeder:

Sunlink Weed of the Month Archive

It's geared for School Media Specialists, but I find it quite helpful for Public Librarians as well.

Anyway, I've taken on the REFERENCE collection, and am pulling such treasures as 'used book prices index 1994', World Almanac 2000, Water Use survey 1992, etc. Our encyclopedia sets: 1997 and 2003 (or at least that's the date of the last "yearbook" for Britianica).

I'm finding college guides for the 1990's; Social Security handbooks from the same decade (never mind that the rules all changed two years ago). So far, I've pulled a full cart from three shelf units (five shelves to each unit).

This is not good. We don't have the money to replace these things right now, but I'd rather have an empty shelf rather than faulty information (or at least that's what they taught us to think in "Library School", right?).

Anyway, more on this later! Back to the fun!

"The Director" Sunlink Weed of the Month

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Debra Giannone said...

Here is another weed of the month site if you are interested. It's more for Pre-K through Secondary but every little bit helps. Happy Weeding!