Thursday, July 10, 2008

Local business supports the Library

One of the local businesses here, Tupelo's, a combination bakery/resturant/antique shop, sends out an e-newsletter every day to promote their daily lunch specials.

Well, yesterday we got a surprise:

(from the newsletter)
Summer reading ... isn't it the best?! Read, read, read... I strongly believe in the power of reading. It's such an inspiring, entertaining activity or escape. I've been engrossed in fiction this summer - the new Russo novel and some light "beach" fiction too.

I encourage you all to take part in the programs offered by our LOCAL LIBRARY. There are a few new staff members and a lot of new energy over there. I'm a big fan of inter-library loan so that I can get all the latest books that might not be in out here in the beautiful country side. Ask Ms. Books
[our Children's Librarian's nickname] about the wonderful summer programs for children too!

I love it when local businesses take the time to recognize other local endeavors publically. We sent them our thanks! (They have excellent wraps, too.)

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