Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fourth of July weekend

For those of us on 'this side' of the pond, I hope all of you have a happy and safe fourth of July weekend. Taking a 'directors perogative', our library will be closed Saturday as well as Friday (we are closed Sunday anyway).

Remember this old joke?

Question:Does England have a fourth of July?
Unsuspecting response: no, of course not!
Right Answer: Sure they do, how else do they get from the third to the fifth???

A local couple who immigrated here from England host a "loser's party" every 4th of July, and invite anyone in the area of English descent! Their home is decked out in British flags, photos of the Queen, etc. It's quite a sight. Some friends of mine (from Scotland) usually provide the musical entertainment, playing British and Celtic music.

Me? I'm heading to the local park for a picnic and fireworks! I'll be decked out in American Red, White, and Blue.

Again, a Happy and safe 4th to y'all!

"The Director"

(Pic taken from the series 3 episode "Daleks in Manhattan")

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