Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Volunteer work

So, anyway, I've been volunteering at a local museum two days a week, four hours per day for the last three weeks.

Most of my work has been to greet visitors, but then they started to ask me to look up some information for them on the internet. And (this astonishes me) they have been flabbergasted at how much I can find in a short period of time (Google is NOT that hard).

So yesterday, the director calls me into her office and says that they want me to put in MORE hours (unpaid, of course) to help catalog the collection at another local museum site (it's more of an historical home rather than a museum), since I bring in more gifts and skills than the usual volunteer, and they are just pleased to have a 'research librarian' working for them.

I'm honored. But it doesn't seem like they are offering anything beyond volunteer, and I'd really like a job. Then again, their hands are tied with State hiring freezes, too.

Oh, yes, I said I'd be happy to help out. Who knows, the experience here could help me get a museum job some where, some time.


Angel, librarian and educator said...

Sounds like it would depend on how many hours. But I would say keep the options open. Good luck. Best, and keep on blogging.

libraryace said...

Not a bad way to keep yourself in the game. At least it keeps you off the streets, right? ;) After seeing what you can do, they would be stupid not to hire you when things un-freeze, assuming you're still around.

Kerry said...

I am not a fan of giving away my skills for free in hopes of something panning out later. But I have limited energy and I like to choose my own forms of generosity.

Honestly, I think the museum head is using you. If you're comfortable with that, fine. But I'd advise a mental reset--you're doing them a favor. A very big favor. They are not helping you, at least not yet, and frankly they may not. They need you.

Don't act like their servant.

Kewl Librarian 2 said...

I think the cataloging is good... I just might watch exactly how many hours I gave them. It also doesn't stop the job hunt. But, it does also give you good experience for the resume and that could lead to good things.