Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome to my blog

Hi, all!

I've been a director for just over two months now, and have been waiting all my Librarian life to fulfill this dream.

Here I will discuss whether or not the reality lives up to the dream, as well as general information on workshops, news articles, librarianship in general, and information-related issues, as well as just my opinions on various stuff -- you know, a BLOG!

Well, hold on, here we go!

"The Director"


1st thing: ordered to cut the budget 18%!
Next thing: deal with staff rebellion!
3rd: someone spreading rumors about my 'bad temper' (I suspect it's because I've asked some parents to take their crying -- no, screaming -- children out of the library. No matter how politely you ask, it's going to be taken personally against you!)

So far:

Best job I ever had.

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