Saturday, June 28, 2008

Letter to the Editor in paper

I saw this in today's paper. I have edited out the locations and author's name.

Kudos to her, though!

Library is not parents' depository for kids

I have spent some time in the Main and the xxxxx branches (South xxxxx Street) of the public library lately, because of the free Wi-Fi service that is available. I am concerned and appalled at the behavior of people in (our) public libraries today.

I have counted, in one sitting, up to 20 unsupervised young children ''dropped off'' at the xxxxx branch. I observed a 6-year-old girl sleeping in a library chair, completely unaware and unattended for more than two hours. Even with a sheriff's deputy present, that child could have been abducted in an instant.

What are people thinking? I don't care how few resources you have, the library is not your baby sitter.

It's not just the kids being loud at the computer, either — cell phones ring and people actually answer them and talk on and on as if they're in their own home!

Is anyone else distressed at this kind of disrespect for fellow citizens?


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