Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wow, two in one week

Got this in email today:

Dear applicants for First Year Instruction Coordinator and Reference Librarian,

Thank you all for your interest in The University of ******. Due to the state of the budget in (our state), the search for this position has been suspended indefinitely. During the last several months the Search Committee conducted phone interviews with the top tier candidates and held two on campus interviews. The pool for this position is exceptionally strong. We regret that until we hear further budget news regarding the next fiscal year, we are unable to proceed with the search process.

Thank you for your interest in U*** and best wishes on your job search.


(By the way, I was NOT one of the 'phone interviews' or the 'on campus interviews'.)

However, I also received a letter from another position asking for a resend of some documents I didn't sign properly. So that's hopeful!

"The Director"

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Angel, librarian and educator said...

Seems that type of message may be going out more these days, about searches being called off. Best of luck. Rooting for you.