Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Time Monster

Ok, overdue for musings and self-pity-ing on this blog.

I have come to the conclusion that closing dates are insidious things. How long after a closing date should one conclude "They have chosen someone else, move on!"?

Several positions I really was interested in closed Monday, November 10. Friday was the 14th. If I was not contacted by then should I conclude "lost cause" or keep hope a few more days, since Tuesday was a holiday?

On the other hand, several positions I've applied for closed on Friday, How long into next week should I sit by the phone?

Oh, sometimes I wish I could pick up the phone and call (or email) the HR department and say "wasssup with the position?" But that's the 'kiss of death', I've heard.

Other positions are now closing in DECEMBER. Or listed as "open until filled".

Another aggrivation is the notices "that position was filled internally. Thank you for applying. Good luck in your job search". If the position was advertised with the intention of being filled internally all along, it would have been nice to know. I've come across a few postings like this that DID say "internal applicants only".

This week makes two months without work (since mid-September) and I'm starting to get worried. Thus, the Time Monster (Season 9, 3rd Doctor, story-arc 64). My wife is really getting serious about my applying at Toys "R" Us for seasonal help. I quake in my TARDIS at that thought!

Well, there is an Educational/Librarian job fair coming up in early December.* The problem there is it's mostly geared towards schools looking for TEACHERS, not Media Specialists or counties looking for Librarians.

I'm really hoping some one will call me in for an interview this week. Otherwise, it's going to be a skimpy Christmas for the Time Kids.

"The Director" (former)

*Felgercarb! I just found out that the career expo has been cancelled and may be rescheduled for the spring semester!


Kerry said...

Ooh oh oh, and don't forget that along with "kiss of death" if you mention anything about how this slackerish way of filling jobs is unprofessional and reflects badly upon libraries, you're a whiner and unprofessional and don't deserve a job at all!

Honestly, 2 weeks after the closing date is the minimum wait before I'd expect to hear from anyone. And I'd not give up hope until a month went by.

Of course, last interview I was offered I had applied at least 3 weeks after it was posted (no closing date) and it was 4 weeks after I applied I got a call. And they were trying to fill that job "urgently."

Kewl Librarian 2 said...

Most of my experience is with academic (university and community college positions), not sure about public. With academic it may be months - six is not unheard of.

When I was job hunting and working part-time after grad school, I came up with this philosophy - I would apply for jobs and assume I didn't get them. It's odd, but it took some pressure off. And, it also meant I didn't hesitate to apply for the next one.

Job postings are probably slowing down now, but my guess is they'll pick back up after the new year.

I also had a different philosophy on follow-up - I didn't. If I hadn't heard from them in 2-4 weeks, then I assumed I didn't make their top list. After all, if I'd made the cut, I'd hear from them. I did hear from some after several months and one after their interviews fell through. The only time I followed up was when I'd been offered another job and wanted to know where they were in the process. I got some hokey answer and knew they were interviewing, even though they didn't come out and say it. They were hedging their bets in case that fell through. Personally, I would have preferred if they'd just told me.

Crossing fingers for you.